Septiembre 11 del ’73 y el Chile de hoy

Memoria Viva Society of Edmonton is inviting you to a special Zoom meeting.

Topic: Septiembre 11 del ’73 y el Chile de hoy

Time: Sep 11, 2020 06:00 PM Edmonton

Conversatorio con invitados especiales

  • Alberto Curamil de la Alianza Territorial Mapuche
  • Raul Parentini desde Santiago
  • Salvador Calderon miembro de Memoria Viva

Tambien se presentaran artistas locales (desde el Parque Emily Murphy)

Tambien se encontrara el evento en vivo en la pagina de Facebook de Memoria Viva:

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Can not support Canada in its bid for a United Nations Security Council seat.



As group of Latin American Canadians giving our modest contribution to people in our countries of origin that are affected by so much injustice and repression, cannot support our government of Canada in its bid for a United Nations Security Council seat for the following reasons:

The government of Canada has evolved tremendously from the days when it was considered a champion in supporting and promoting peace and justice in the world, from the years of Prime Minister Pier Trudeau and to some extent to Prime Minister Jean Chretien to a complete drift away from those stands to the conservative total subordination to external aggressive and destructive policies of geopolitical domination from the Government of the United States of America, turning into a blind followers, in many occasions, of unilateral and illegal sanctions. It is sad and unfortunate that the current liberal government maintain the same external affair approach of the former conservative government.

Canada has actively participated in all the military aggression that the United States and its “international coalition” has carried in the Middle East North Africa and the Balkans. President Barak Obama explicitly called the Iraq Aggression an illegal war, an jet he did not only fail the promise to pull the troops from that country but also himself headed the overriding of united nations security council resolution to impose a no fly zone, and embarked with an illegal invasion and destruction of Libya. And Canada has followed suit in both wars and then the loud secret of launching the invasion on Syria with direct forces and mercenary proxies, many of them clearly aligned with the Islamic terrorist groups, the destruction of Syria and its looting is as condemn-able as the one in the other middle east destroyed countries. And the government of Canada has follow suit.

In 2009, The USA and their permanent allies, the obsolete oligarchies, orchestrated a coup-d’état on Honduras. Canada kept a complicit silent and followed suit helping the de facto government which had conducted a brutal repression of the protests, and immediately recognized the result of obviously fraudulent elections carried out by the de facto government.

In November 2019, the USA government through a grotesque manipulation of international law by Secretary General of Organization of American States, and again supported on the obsolete colonialist type oligarchies, organized a coup-d’état in Bolivia. Self proclaimed President Janine Anez changed the high command of the army and police forces and issue an executive decree exonerating the army and police forces from any criminal responsibility. Although the decree was later revoked, it gave green light for the massacre of the massive indigenous population protests. 36 indigenous people were killed up to the end of November 2019, close to 1000 wounded or injure, 1500 detained, and 600 members of the deposed government or support movement has been detained or exiled. 53 community radios and Telesur were closed in a blunt violation of free speech. Canada has been a shameful supportive of all the actions in the US Bolivia coup-d’état. We expect that Janine Anez and her military command will reach the International Criminal Court despite the unilateral shameful sanctions.

In an extremely bad taste of external politic and against vary basic international law, the USA has recognized and continue to support two self proclaim presidents in Latin America, showing, how cheap and low they can go to fulfill geopolitical grabs. Juan Guaido and Janine Anez, are looting a lot of resources from their countries Venezuela and Bolivia respectively with the support of USA. And the government of Canada follow suit. The military persecution still goes on in Bolivia and the de facto government is instigating the Mexican Embassy and denies the exit permit for the Mexican government to take to exile the political refugees in the embassy

The government of Colombia maintains a sustained criminal record, through both the military but mainly through paramilitary forces in a permanent campaign of extermination, is killing community as well as opposition leaders, and former guerrilla members of FARC in an intentional violation of the peace agreements for these people to be incorporated peacefully to civil society. At least one person is killed per day. At least 500 people since 2016 and lately close to one people per have been assassinated, yet Colombia is a protectorate of USA as a proxy in the destabilizing policies towards Venezuela and so they play a blind eye on the extermination policies in some rural areas. And Canada Shamefully follow suit.

Chile faced a massive unrest with the people demanding the termination of dictator’s Pinochet constitution and the adoption of a new one with the active participation of the people. As of the end of December, 2019, 29 people have died, close to 2500 injured and close to 3000 arrested. The cruel modality of aiming pellets to the eyes as a mean to deter the demonstrations have caused close to 400 people that have completely lost one or both eyes, many of them will require prosthetic eyes. We have not seen a clear position by the government of Canada condemning the government of Chile for the excessive use of force to the level of criminal acts,

The USA has the knee on the neck of the people of Venezuela. An obsolete, ancient way to inflict pain in a population with the intention that the suffering and deprivation will force the people to yield to the aggressor geopolitical domination ambitions of toppling the unwanted regime/government. And Canada is following suit with the unilateral illegal strangulation of the people of Venezuela.

Last century we decried the string of military coup d’état with the massive assassination and disappearing of people in Latin America. The Plan Condor still have fresh wounds in the continent. This century the new modality is the soft coup d’état. The fabrication of legal framing to prevent opposition leaders to participate in the “democratic” system. The maximum expression of this is the gross “legal framing” of former president Lula D’Asylva and the grossly abusive coup d’état against Dilma Ruseff in Brazil. The OAS is playing along with these new antidemocratic policies, and Canada is following suit.

We are proud to be Canadians but we cannot support our Canadian government for an important international forum as the non permanent member of the Security Council of the United Nations, or any candidate that is in line with inflicting so much pain and destruction for geopolitical gains.

We do hope that this time and in the future will be elected someone more much civilized and respectful of international laws and a more sensible and humane approach to international politics.

We also hope that our government of Canada will eventually recovered and improve its stance as a champion of peace and justice so much needed now days in the world. Our country has the capacity to be and we wish it will eventually be a leader and not a follower in international politics.

Full solidarity with all protesters defending human rights!

Memoria Viva Society of Edmonton stands in full solidarity with all protesters defending human rights both here in Canada, and Internationally. We call on all levels of governments, here and abroad, to denounce and repair the racist, systemic oppression that embeds all social, economic, and political systems.

We will continue to work against the structures of oppression, those that were built on a history of genocide and slavery. We can not deny that the persecution and abuse seen towards our Black brothers and sisters is the same racist ideology that exists towards our First Nations brothers and sisters. Black lives matter and Indigenous lives matter and we demand justice and protection.

We continue to stand for Human Rights- yesterday, today, and tomorrow. We call on everyone to continue to push for human rights of those who are consistently marginalized in our societies: black, indigenous, people of colour, LGBTQ, and trans communities.

We have seen the process of change and understand that together it’s possible, and it takes time and dedication. We must move to a new social, political and economical system. One based on humanity, where each human being will be the centre of a society that will strive for justice, equality and real democracy.
In Solidarity
Memoria Viva Society of Edmonton

Virtual May Day!

Join us for a Virtual May Day!
Join the Edmonton May Day Committee in a virtual celebration of International Workers’ Day!

Listen to live panellists and performers and participate in an interactive discussion:

When: Friday, May 1st, 2020

Time: 6:30 pm – 8:30pm

Click here to see details of the event on Facebook.


Watch the show on YouTube just click the link below.

Watch on YouTube


Please visit May Day resource site to find see all the campaigns.


This event will be a chance for working people in Alberta to SPEAK UP on May Day and to hear from other workers, unions and community organizations.

This will be a public Zoom meeting. If you have a Zoom account, you can join at the time of the event by clicking here. Or you can join by audio only via phone and entering the meeting code:  885 2518 3782 . Participants are advised the event will be recorded and shared online.

If you are joining by video, you are encouraged to display your May Day messages, organizational placards or banners, or get creative by writing a slogan on your face mask!


This year, May Day is an opportunity to encourage more and more workers to speak up to protect their safety, their rights and their lives.

The dangerous and destructive nature of the capitalist system is clearly exposed in the coronavirus crisis. Working people are answering the call to protect our collective health, but half measures or outright negligence of employers and governments are having disastrous impacts.

In seniors care, food processing and other sectors, workers have been speaking out for years about what is needed to combat unsafe and unjust working conditions. Workers know what must be done, but what we are missing is the power to decide.

Imagine what working people could build with the $7.5 billion Jason Kenney decided to direct to a US oil corporation? Instead of imposing cuts and layoffs of tens of thousands of workers in K-12 and post-secondary education, we would use those resources to educate ourselves and to empower people, especially young people, to build a new society!

Workers’ empowerment has always been the guiding spirit of May Day since the origins of the day in the eight-hour movement, which advocated eight hours for work, eight hours for recreation, and eight hours for rest, a demand that galvanized workers’ movements more than 100 years ago.

In this pandemic period, more and more people are seeing that our collective health and wellbeing cannot be left in the hands of corrupt corporations or self-serving politicians. But beyond the pandemic, we have no interest in continuing on with “business as usual,” in a status quo of for-profit seniors care, monopoly agribusiness, two-tiered rights for migrant workers, colonial violence and climate inaction.

As workers around the world will mobilize on May Day, albeit under quarantine conditions, we also stand in solidarity with workers around the world, especially the people of Iran, Cuba, Venezuela and Palestine, where sanctions and occupation are deepening the pandemic crisis.

Here in Canada, we have seen the devastating results of years and years of neo-liberal globalization, privatization, deregulation, and wrecking of our social programs result in the terrible tragedy unfolding in seniors’ homes. Those who slashed social programs and tried to silence the voices of the workers who care for our seniors are now desperately trying to cover their tracks.

The lesson is that workers have to take the lead by exercising control over the decisions which affect their lives. On May Day, let us take up this challenge! It is the working people who are fighting for a society which provides for all and in which the rights of all are upheld.

Who decides? We decide!
No one left behind!
End the privatization of seniors care! Quality public seniors care now! Staffing ratios now!
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for all!
Lip service is not enough: Power to the frontline workers!
Health care for all regardless of immigration status!
Workers rights under attack, what do we do? Stand up fight back!
The workers united will never be defeated!

URGENT-ALERT Hands off Venezuela


Memory Viva Society to the U.S. Government’s threat against the Venezuelan government and people of , which is becoming more imminent every day calls on the government, the Canadian media, people and organizations to inform themselves and denounce this interventionist and criminal policy that if it were to be realized would be a pandemic even perhaps greater than COVID-19 on the region and why not to say it, the world.

Reports have been reported that U.S. troops would be landing on the Colombian-Venezuelan border in order to obviously topple the Venezuelan government and end the Bolivian Revolution. The Trump administration and its military economic apparatus not in line with the economic blockade of the Venezuelan nation, which even goes through not allowing health aid to enter the country, now intends to wage war with the Venezuelan people that would bring a catastrophic consequence for the Venezuelan people, generating in passing a destabilization in the region with unpredictable consequences, starting with Colombia.

We denounce this criminal threat that threatens against peace not only in the region but also in the world and warned that it would generate a death, by the decision of the Venezuelan people and government to defend its sovereignty and integrity as a nation and its revolution that is building a new Venezuela.

We wonder how this Trump administration can embark on a warrior and imperialist adventure, without regard to the pandemic that crosses the world today with the Crown Virus and in anti-human attitude does not care about its own people suffering from the onslaught of this pandemic where most people lack free health service and which also crisis the lack of medical protective equipment.

That’s why we believe there can be no governments and peoples, like the Canadian lacking the humanism necessary to accept this latent threat from the Trump administration and not reject it and call for peace in the region and the world.

We call on the People and Organizations of Canada and the world to inform themselves and denounce and this latent threat and to deploy such much-needed solidarity with the Venezuelan people.



A nuestro pueblo Nación Mapuche, a los pueblos originarios del mundo, a nuestras autoridades ancestrales, a los pueblos oprimidos en general, a la opinión pública nacional e internacional, comunicamos lo siguiente:
Kiñe: Como ya se denunció hace unos días atrás respecto del tema de la pandemia y rápido avance del Covid 19. Lamentablemente como era de esperar, ante la negativa del Gobierno de sentarse a conversar para ver algún tipo de salida a esta situación y debido a la nula voluntad política del Estado de respetar el Convenio 169, hoy nuestros Presos Políticos Mapuches están en grave riesgo vital.
Epu: Denunciamos la irresponsabilidad absoluta de Gendarmería de Chile de dejar ingresar a una funcionaria de la misma institución que estaba siendo evaluada por Covid-19 , y que tenga contacto con el Lonko Facundo Jones Huala y con otros privados de libertad en la cárcel de Temuco. Recién anoche, se han tomado los resguardos necesarios ante un posible contagio del Lonko Facundo Jones Huala y se le ha separado del resto de los Presos Políticos Mapuche, lo que nos hace pensar el actuar de mala fe que ha tenido Gendarmería. Encomendamos a nuestro lamngen Facundo a todos nuestros pu lonko, a nuestro Karrul Wenu Mapu Chaw y confiamos que esté sano y fortalecido. Y hacemos el llamado a profundizar nuestra práctica espiritual, nuestro feyentun, colocando a todos nuestros Presos Políticos Mapuche en nuestro llellipun.
Kula: Denunciamos una vez más, el racismo con que ha operado gendarmería de Chile, para agilizar procesos en curso. Como la salida al Centro de Estudio y Trabajo CET de los lamngen que cumplen con todos los requisitos establecidos por la misma institución. Y que sin justificación ni excusa alguna, siguen manteniendo en el penal de Temuco, a sabiendas que tal medida ayudaría a descomprimir la situación de hacinamiento que existe en la cárcel. Transgrediendo así mismo, los tratados internacionales y el Convenio 169 respecto a los privados de libertad perteneciente a los pueblos originarios. Situación que mantuvo en huelga de hambre hace poco más de un mes a nuestra autoridad ancestral Machi Celestino Córdova y Juan Cheuqueta Cheuquepil.
Meli: Como familiares amigos y red de apoyo no podemos más que repudiar la nula voluntad de resolver del gobierno y hacemos responsables al Gobierno de Chile, a Gendarmería y a todos sus estamentos de cualquier menoscabo en la salud, tanto física, psicológica como espiritual de nuestros lamngen ya que son ellos quienes de forma indolente están restringiendo el derecho a la salud y el derecho a la Libertad de todos los Privados de libertad.
Por lo tanto, hacemos un amplio llamado a todos los territorios, a todas las comunidades, a todos los lof y sus organizaciones que siguen luchando firmemente contra este sistema opresor a exigir con más fuerza que nunca la Libertad de todos los Presos Políticos Mapuche, como demanda principal.
Libertad a todos los Presos Políticos Mapuche!!!
Libertad a los Presos Políticos de la Revuelta!!
Fuera forestales y empresas extractivistas de territorio mapuche!!
Familiares, Amigos y Red de Apoyo Machi Celestino Córdova