Canadian Tour of Chilean Student Leader, Camilo Ballesteros.

Canadian Tour of Chilean Student Leader, Camilo Ballesteros.
February 6th, 2012
The Struggle of the Chilean Student Movement to Achieve Accessible
and Quality Public Education for All
2:00 PM
TELUS 236/238
University of Alberta
Ecuentro Comunitario Latinoamericano
6:30 PM
Sala Centennial Room
Biblioteca Publica de Edmonton
7 Sir Winston Churchill Square

Camilo Ballesteros is the past-president of the University of Santiago Students’ Union, USACH, one of the 25 traditional universities that make up the Association of Chilean Students known as CONFECH.  Camilo has played an integral role, next to Camila Vallejos and Giorgio Jackson, in the 2011 student demonstrations guiding the struggle and the collective demands of students being made of the current Chilean administration. Join us as we learn from his experience and what is next for public education in Chile.

For more information please email: or call 780-293-8496.
Latin American Research Institute, Mapuche Nation Support Committee and the Memoria Viva Society of Edmonton
Amigas Latin American Women’s Society, Chilean Canadian Cultural Society and the UAI Global Education Program

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