Memoria Viva Society in Solidarity with Idle No More

Statement of Solidarity read by Estephanie Henriquez on behalf of the Memoria Viva Society of Edmonton at today’s Press Conference during the Idle No More Global Day of Action:

The Memoria Viva Society of Edmonton, Latin American refugees in diaspora, share common values with our brothers and sisters of Turtle Island. We are here today to declare our solidarity, and with them, to be forever Idle No More!

As refugees, we are displaced peoples that have experienced the oppression of colonization and imperialism. With our brothers and sister we choose to bring attention to the destruction of Pachamama through the continued privatization of the natural resources of this territory, whose original peoples have the right to protect and defend.

We support our brothers and sisters in their sovereign right to nationhood, to defend their land and assert their culture and language.

Idle No More provides an opportunity for all people to re-think social, political and economic relations to include environmental, spiritual, and communitarian values as was prophesied by our ancestors in the story of the Condor and the Eagle.

Memoria Viva Society of Edmonton forever in solidarity with Idle No More!

See video and read article about todays Idle No More event: