XXXIII Anniversary of Martyrdom of Archbishop Romero

XXXIII Anniversary of Martyrdom of Archbishop RomeroRomero
5:00 PM
Sacred Heart Church of the First People
10821 – 96 Street

Archbishop Oscar A. Romero of San Salvador was assassinated by a military death squad while celebrating Eucharist in a hospital chapel on March 24, 1980 .

He underwent a conversion after many of his priests and innocent lay people were murdered. In his homilies Archbishop Romero described the role of the church in denouncing “structural sin”. The economic, cultural, and political structures which effectively drive people to the margins of society.

While he was alive, his voice was heard around the world denouncing injustices and violations of human rights. He supported public demonstrations for freedom and was the voice of the Salvadoran people when all innocent voices were silenced. His prophetic words, his courage and light continues to shine today and it is the source of inspiration to many around the world.

Hosted by Christian Base Community of Edmonton (CEBES), Sister of Providence, and the Memoria Viva Society of Edmonton

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