MVSE mourns passing of President Hugo Chavez

March 5, 2013,

The Memoria Viva Society of Edmonton mourns passing of President Hugo Chavez

Members of the Memoria Viva Society of Edmonton send greetings to our brothers and sisters of Venezuela, stating that we stand in Solidarity during this difficult period for the Venezuelan people. We wish to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of a very important Latin American leader, President Hugo Chavez. His passing has impacted us deeply, as we see him as an individual of high moral character dedicated to meeting the needs of the Venezuelan people and others internationally. We wish to inform the media and people of our communities that under the leadership of President Hugo Chavez, Venezuela was able to meet the following achievements:

-the elimination of illiteracy recognized by UNESCO
-the reduction of poverty by half and extreme poverty by 70%
-millions for the first time have access to health care
-college enrolment has more than doubled
-the number of people receiving old age pensions has quadrupled

These are but a few of the amazing achievements reached by President Chavez and his government. The members of memoria Viva will continue to support the vision of President Hugo Chavez and the people of Venezuela via the work of Vice-president Nicolás Maduro.

The Memoria Viva Society of Edmonton (MVSE) is a group of Latin Americans and Canadians living in Edmonton that actively work to preserve the progressive culture amongst the Latin American Diaspora in Canada. We choose not to forget why and in what context Latin American refugees came to Canada! We work towards building a strong community of Latin American and Canadians in Edmonton that actively participate in struggles for an alternative to the current socio-economic and political system, which continues to negatively affect Latin Americans and others throughout the world.


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