Immigrant and Refugee Youth Empowerment Summer Program

A Program delivered by the

Canadian Council for Refugees, Edmonton

and the

Memoria Viva Society of Edmonton

The main goal of this project is to create a safe space for newcomer youth to talk about their challenges while learning about anti-oppression practices and how they can incorporate them to their daily lives. Newcomer youth will be empowered and will have effective tools to deal with  forms of oppression they may encounter. Moreover, an important foundation of this project is to recognize the colonial origins of Canada and how they continue to have an impact in our communities; in that way, not only the youth will have the capacity to understand their own situation but they will also see how complex our communities. The project will also include different creative and artistic techniques that we will use throughout the workshops. We hope that by the end of the camp they will have the tools necessary to build stronger links both within their communities and with other cultural communities in Edmonton, develop critical and leadership skills necessary for them to pursue their goals.


Week 1 Understanding Oppression (July 12 &13)

During the first week the idea is to introduce participants to the concept of anti-oppression while starting a process of self-awareness about their identity and how it plays a role in the experiences they have within society.

Week 2 Newcomer and immigrant youth standing in solidarity with Indigenous peoples (July 26 & 27)

Condor and Eagle Committee of the Memoria Viva Society of Edmonton

Once participants have learned the concept of anit-oppression and become more aware of their identities and environment, we will move towards learning about the struggles of Indigenous peoples of Canada in Canada and our responsibilities as immigrants.

Week 3 Taking Action (August 9 & 10)

The purpose of this week is to identify particular leadership tools that participants can use to voice their concerns and address the issues they are facing in their lives and their communities

Week 4 Expressing ourselves through art (August 30 & 31)

Memoria Viva Society of Edmonton

The purpose of this week is to introduce participants to artistic avenues in order to express their concerns and issues. This would serve as an empowering session for participants may reach tangible results regarding everything they have learned during the four weekends of the summer camp.


This program is sponsored by:

the Multicultural Health Brokers Co-op and the Boardwalk Rental Communities Learning and Change Award Community Service Learning, University of Alberta.