Book by Chris Welch, “Introduction to Chile, A Cartoon History”

Introduction to Chile A Cartoon HistoryThanks to our sisters and brothers of the 40YearsOn Committee in the United Kingdom. They have provided us with copies of the reprint of Chris Welch’s “Introduction to Chile, A Cartoon History” an original graphic novel covering the history of Chile from the Spanish Conquest and invasion of Abya Yala, to the right wing destabilization of the Salvador Allende government, and finally to the military coup of September 11, 1973. It will make an excellent gift to a loved one, especially a youth or young adult in your family that is looking to learn more about the history of Chile.
The Memoria Viva Society of Edmonton is selling these as a way to fundraise for the organization. Get your copy of this excellent graphic novel by sending a $15 cheque made out to “Memoria Viva Society of Edmonton” to:8305 – 19 Avenue
Edmonton, AB
T6K 2C9

If you would like more information about the graphic novel or would like to pick up your copy in person please call Rodrigo at 780-293-8496.


For immediate release

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


The Memoria Viva Society of Edmonton would like to call upon all groups who value democracy, equity, liberty, peace and justice to support the constitutional Bolivarian government of Venezuela and democratically elected President Nicolas Maduro.

This past 12th of February opposition demonstrations throughout the country lead to destabilization and violence. The destabilization was organized by Villca Fernandez, the leader of the extreme right wing student movement; Leopoldo Lopez, leader of the extreme right political party “Voluntad Popular” and Maria Corina Machado, deputy of the National Assembly. These three opposition leaders summoned people to “take to the streets” in an attempt to destabilize and overthrow the democratically elected president.

Shortly after the leaders of the opposition left the demonstrations, a violent attack against the office of the Public Ministry erupted with a small group of masked persons throwing rocks and homemade explosives.  As a result, Juan “Juancho” Montoya, a community leader of the barrio “23 de Enero” (23 of January) and an opposition student “Basil De Costa” suffered fatal bullet wounds to the head in an act that mimicked the sniper shots fired the day of the attempted coup against past President Hugo Chavez on April 11, 2002. It is important to note that the constitutional government of Nicolas Maduro has won both the 2013 Federal and Municipal elections.

The Memoria Viva Society of Edmonton also denounces the corporate media that is equally implicit in aiding and protecting undemocratic leaders and promoting misinformation and violence. The corporate media of Venezuela along with international media outlets, continue to provide the public with biased accounts of the events of February 12, 2014. The demonstrators are portrayed as pacifists against a “repressive, corrupt and violent” regime and those leading and organizing the attacks depicted as victims and political prisoners.



Por favor vean este Comunicado en Apoyo a la Revolución Bolivariana desde Canadá

MVSE mourns passing of President Hugo Chavez

March 5, 2013,

The Memoria Viva Society of Edmonton mourns passing of President Hugo Chavez

Members of the Memoria Viva Society of Edmonton send greetings to our brothers and sisters of Venezuela, stating that we stand in Solidarity during this difficult period for the Venezuelan people. We wish to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of a very important Latin American leader, President Hugo Chavez. His passing has impacted us deeply, as we see him as an individual of high moral character dedicated to meeting the needs of the Venezuelan people and others internationally. We wish to inform the media and people of our communities that under the leadership of President Hugo Chavez, Venezuela was able to meet the following achievements:

-the elimination of illiteracy recognized by UNESCO
-the reduction of poverty by half and extreme poverty by 70%
-millions for the first time have access to health care
-college enrolment has more than doubled
-the number of people receiving old age pensions has quadrupled

These are but a few of the amazing achievements reached by President Chavez and his government. The members of memoria Viva will continue to support the vision of President Hugo Chavez and the people of Venezuela via the work of Vice-president Nicolás Maduro.

The Memoria Viva Society of Edmonton (MVSE) is a group of Latin Americans and Canadians living in Edmonton that actively work to preserve the progressive culture amongst the Latin American Diaspora in Canada. We choose not to forget why and in what context Latin American refugees came to Canada! We work towards building a strong community of Latin American and Canadians in Edmonton that actively participate in struggles for an alternative to the current socio-economic and political system, which continues to negatively affect Latin Americans and others throughout the world.


Memoria Viva Society in Solidarity with Idle No More

Statement of Solidarity read by Estephanie Henriquez on behalf of the Memoria Viva Society of Edmonton at today’s Press Conference during the Idle No More Global Day of Action:

The Memoria Viva Society of Edmonton, Latin American refugees in diaspora, share common values with our brothers and sisters of Turtle Island. We are here today to declare our solidarity, and with them, to be forever Idle No More!

As refugees, we are displaced peoples that have experienced the oppression of colonization and imperialism. With our brothers and sister we choose to bring attention to the destruction of Pachamama through the continued privatization of the natural resources of this territory, whose original peoples have the right to protect and defend.

We support our brothers and sisters in their sovereign right to nationhood, to defend their land and assert their culture and language.

Idle No More provides an opportunity for all people to re-think social, political and economic relations to include environmental, spiritual, and communitarian values as was prophesied by our ancestors in the story of the Condor and the Eagle.

Memoria Viva Society of Edmonton forever in solidarity with Idle No More!

See video and read article about todays Idle No More event:

Agradecimiento a Nuestra Comunidad

Agradecemos la voluntad y dedicación de todo los voluntarios y músicos de la comunidad latinoamericana que junto con la Sociedad Memoria Viva de Edmonton aporto al evento de Conmemoración del 11 de septiembre de 1973 que se realizo en Edmonton, Alberta. Aunque estábamos conmemorando un día sumamente triste en la historia humana, sentir el amor y fraternidad de la comunidad nos inspira a seguir luchando y mantenernos siempre al servicio del pueblo. Viva Chile! Viva Latinoamerica unida! Viva nuestra cultura progresista la cual compartimos con todos aquellos que luchan por la justicia y la verdad.

Entrevista con Eduardo Galeano

La memoria viva significa para nosotros no olvidar los deseos y desafíos de nuestros parientes en su actuar en el mundo, para crear justicia a cada nivel de la vida.  No olvidamos que la utopia llego hacer un instrumento que los guió a no rendirse, a no aceptar el mundo como fue y sirve para nosotros como ejemplo no aceptarlo como sigue siendo. Galeano nos hacer recordar que otro mundo no es solo posible si no esta en camino.

Por favor tomen su tiempo para ser inspirados por esta bellísima entrevista con Eduardo Galeano.