Human Right Day 2018

Human Right Day 2018 December 8th 2018 program starts at 5pm.

Human Rights Day

Here is the Program

5pm Memoria Viva Society of Edmonton opening remarks      Speaker
5:10 Munguia/Paula Kirman                                                            Signer
5:30 Lucian Roger                                                                              Speaker
5:45 Water Warriors                                                                          Short Documentary
6:00 Muriel Stanely Vienne                                                              Key note Speaker
6:30 First Nation Drumming
6:45 Pacha                                                                                           Indigenous Dancing
7:00 Ischxel                                                                                         Performance
7:20 Juana Adasme                                                                            Signer
7:30 Mapuche Video                                                                          Short Documentary
7:45 Sebastian                                                                                    Signer
8:00 Mounthzer                                                                                  Signer

This Saturday at 6pm Muriel Stanley Venne will be speaking about Aboriginal Women’s Human Rights.

Ms. Stanley Venne has made a name for herself as a champion of human rights in the Province of Alberta. This Métis woman’s career as a human rights advocate began in 1973 when former Premier Peter Lougheed appointed her one of the first seven commissioners to the Alberta Human Rights Commission. In honour of her commitment and work in the area of human rights, Ms. Stanley Venne was presented with the Alberta Human Rights Award on the 25th Anniversary of the Alberta Human Rights Commission. Ms. Stanley Venne has also spent much of her career working on behalf of women. She founded the Institute for the Advancement of Aboriginal Women, an organization that strives to promote opportunities for women. As president, she hosted the Aboriginal Women’s Human Rights Symposium and the Gathering Our Strength – Violence Against Aboriginal Women Conference in Edmonton. Her booklet,The Rights Path – Alberta, was endorsed by Mary Robinson, the United Nations’ High Commissioner for Human Rights. Ms. Stanley Venne’s efforts have been recognized by many groups and organizations. She received the Queen’s Jubilee Medal, the Appreciation Award from the Native Counseling Services of Alberta, the Métis Woman of the Year Award from the Women of the Métis Nation and the Outstanding Young Woman Award from Canadian Merit. Many say that Ms. Stanley Venne’s work in the areas of human rights and social justice has led to empowerment for many Aboriginal people. Tenacious and tireless, Ms. Stanley Venne has advanced the fair and equal treatment of Aboriginal people within all levels of society.

Human Rights Day 2018!

Human Rights Day


When: December 8 2018

Time: 4pm -10pm

Where: Ukrainian Center  11018 97 St NW  Edmonton, Alberta T5H 2M9

Come and participate in Human Rights activities throughout the evening. This year we will be exploring Human rights within our Communities and what role Neo-liberalism plays. Come and explore Human rights through short films, discussions, cultural performances, dances and songs.

Cash Bar and Food





Alberto Curamil is a Mapuche Indigenous traditional authority jailed by the Chilean state, falsely accused for a crime he did not commit.

Alberto is also an environmentalist that successfully stopped the construction of hydroelectrical plants in traditional Mapuche territory and is one the leaders in the fight against big forestry companies established in Mapuche land. All the Chilean governments and the state have, for so many years, denied the rights of the Mapuche people over their territory and have orchestrated set-ups to unjustly accuse and jail Mapuche activists.

We are asking you in the name of justice to support this petition and add your name in a letter to the Government of Chile or draft your own letter condemning this action.




October 2018

Your Excellency,

Sebastian Pinera E.

President of the Republic of Chile

Dear Mr. President,

I am writing to you to call your attention over the detention of Mr. Alberto Curamil presently in prison accused of robbing a Compensation Fund office. Alberto Curamil has vehemently denied this charge, however, the Public Prosecutor’s office (Fiscalia) unjustly jailed Alberto.

The Public Prosecutor office has been known to falsely accuse Mapuche activists over the years through set ups and obscure manoeuvres to sustain charges that at the end do not hold. This another of those cases, where Alberto Curamil is facing charges and jail for a crime he did not commit.

The Mapuche indigenous people have consistently been pledging to the different governments in power, over so many years, to resolve the issue of land that has been stolen and to obtain constitutional recognition over their ancestral territory and self-determination according to the UN resolution on Indigenous and Tribal Peoples and article 169 of the ILO.

Considering this, and due to the false accusations, Mr. President, once again we urge you to intercede for the freedom of Alberto Curamil. The historically unjust stance of the state towards the traditional

peoples of Chile must for once start to be corrected. The future generations of Mapuche children should not have to suffer because of the systemic attacks on their parents and their grandparents’ generations. Free Mr. Alberto Curamil, his young family needs him, so that he can work and provide for them.

Thank You